AI in healthcare series: Improving Surgical Quality and Decision Support with AI-Powered Surgical Video Analysis

12 May 2023   9:30 am 10:30 am


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Although complication rates in cataract surgery have decreased over the past 30 years, vision-threatening rhegmatogenous retinal detachments (RRDs) following cataract surgery still account for 37 per cent of all RRDs.

It remains unclear why even those patients with “uncomplicated” cataract surgery have a nine times increased risk of RRD in the operated eye within the first six months of surgery compared to their non-operated fellow eye.

It is also unclear why disparities exist in rates of complications among different groups.

A key gap in our knowledge regarding ophthalmic surgery is the manner in which specific intraoperative maneuvers translate into patient outcomes.

Join us online Friday 12 May 2023 9:30-10:30am AEST to hear from Dr Nallasamy, who is an Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences as well as an Assistant Professor of Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics at the University of Michigan.

A graduate of Harvard Medical School and the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology, Dr. Nallasamy completed his ophthalmology residency at Duke University Eye Center, followed by a cornea, external disease, and refractive surgery fellowship at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute.

The Nallasamy Lab is using machine learning and computer vision to 1) develop objective video-based metrics of surgical performance, 2) identify patients at risk for poor outcomes and 3) develop early warning and decision support systems for surgeons to help mitigate risks before complications occur.



The AI in healthcare series is supported by the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF).

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