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Understanding endophthalmitis

Thanks to your support, Associate Professor Rosie Dawkins and her team are moving ever closer to sight-saving treatments for endophthalmitis – a serious condition caused by severe inflammation inside the eye.


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Infections that trigger severe inflammation inside the eye can lead to a sight-threatening condition known as endophthalmitis.

Bacteria or fungi can enter the eye through eye surgery, eye injections, or injury, or the infection can spread to the eye from another part of the body.

Endophthalmitis is a medical emergency, requiring urgent treatment to prevent vision loss.

Despite the seriousness of the condition, there are limited treatments available because the disease is relatively under-studied.

Although endophthalmitis is rare, the number of eye surgeries and injections are increasing every year, making it more critical than ever to improve our understanding of the disease.

That’s why Associate Professor Rosie Dawkins is leading research to find better ways to prevent and treat endophthalmitis, starting by learning more about what drives inflammation in the disease.

To do this, Associate Professor Dawkins’ research team are working to uncover new indicators of inflammation (‘biomarkers’) by assessing samples from the eyes and blood of patients.

Preliminary research has identified several proteins that our immune system produces during inflammation that could be new biomarkers for endophthalmitis.

Through your support, Dr Dawkins and her team can build on these promising results.

“Our hope is that in future, there will be more effective treatments and no one will lose their sight from this devastating disease,’’ says Associate Professor Dawkins.

“Thanks to CERA’s donors, we are moving ever closer to achieving this goal.’’

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