Annual Review 2023

Writing a new chapter

Clinical trials volunteer Tom Valenta is doing his part to keep progressing glaucoma research.


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Journalist, public relations consultant and author Tom Valenta watched his mum’s eyesight diminish from glaucoma.

“There was virtually no treatment for glaucoma in those days,” says Tom.

“In the last decade of her life, she became close to totally blind.”

Years later, Tom was also diagnosed with glaucoma. However, advances in research and treatment are helping him manage his condition.

To help give back, Tom has participated in three clinical trials at CERA since 2017.

“Had there not been any treatment for me, there’s no doubt my glaucoma would have progressed,” Tom says.

“The more we participate, the better the chances of improved medications for glaucoma, or even possibly a cure at some stage.”

Tom says he’s optimistic about the future of glaucoma research, based on the significant progress he’s seen in the field since he was diagnosed 12 years ago.

He hopes his contribution can keep progressing this vital research.

“I hope that future generations will be free of glaucoma.”


This story was originally published in People in focus: Annual Review 2023.

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