2023 Gerard Crock Lecture: Professor Keith Martin

Watch Professor Keith Martin present the 14th Gerard Crock Lecture on the transformational technologies CERA is using to beat blindness.


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For the 14th annual Gerard Crock Lecture, Professor Keith Martin, CERA Managing Director and University of Melbourne Ringland Anderson Professor of Ophthalmology, showcased the technology transforming how we diagnose and treat eye diseases like glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration and inherited retinal diseases.

Learn how these advances at CERA are making it possible for us to protect and repair the optic nerve in glaucoma, stop age-related macular degeneration in its tracks and improve vision in previously incurable inherited retinal diseases.

You’ll also learn about CERA’s vision for the future and how we’re accelerating the pace of research to put hope in sight.

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