CERA continues collaboration with World Health Organization

CERA is proud to continue its relationship with the World Health Organization as a Collaborating Centre in the Prevention of Blindness.


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CERA Managing Director Professor Keith Martin has welcomed news that CERA has been redesignated a WHO Collaborating Centre for a further three years until 2022.

“Being a World Health Organization Collaborating Centre is strong recognition not only of CERA’s research but also our role in supporting the translation of research outcomes in the field to low and middle income countries where more services are needed,’’ he said.

“We are extremely proud to be able to support the World Health Organization in its critical work to reduce the global burden of blindness.

“For the upcoming three-year period, CERA will support the development of World Health Organization tools to guide countries in the integration of eye care services in the health system.’’

CERA and Ophthalmology at the University of Melbourne were first granted WHO Collaborating Centre status in 1992 – provided to institutes to carry out activities in support of World Health Organisation programs.

CERA’s Collaborating Centre is led by Director Professor Mingguang He and Deputy Director Andreas Mueller.

Work that has occurred at CERA to support the World Health Organization includes the development of guidelines for cataract services, development of global and regional WHO action plans and sharing of technology developed at CERA.

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