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Identifying eye problems in your baby

What should I do if I have taken a photo of my child and I can see a white pupil?

Photo of babies with white pupils

If you have taken a photograph of your child and you see a white pupil, follow these instructions FIRST.

  1. Photos should be taken with a REGULAR camera (not a smartphone)
  2. Switch the RED EYE REDUCTION function OFF
  3. Switch your CAMERA FLASH function ON
  4. Turn the lights down in the room – so that your child’s pupils can widen a little
  5. Switch off any table lamps or TV to avoid unwanted reflections
  6. Hold your camera about 4 metres from your child and use the zoom to focus on your child’s head.
  7. Take several photos – front on and from the side, even looking in different directions. You could use a toy to distract your child or make them look where you hold the toy [even an iPAD or smartphone with images or video your child likes to watch]
  8. Review your photos CAREFULLY

IF YOU STILL SEE THE WHITE PUPIL or any abnormality you are concerned about, make an appointment to see your GP and show the photos you have taken. The GP will examine your child and recommend seeing a specialist if it is necessary.

Further updates will be added once the study has concluded.