Vision Expo 2024 – Stand 10

Inherited retinal disease research, collaborations and treatments

About our research

  • The VENTURE study: Our objective is to understand the natural progression of inherited retinal diseases (IRDs) over time. This helps to identify people who may be eligible for upcoming clinical trials and other research opportunities.
  • Retinal gene therapy: CERA is leading research into gene therapies that could slow down, or even halt, vision loss in patients with IRDs.
  • The Advanced Genomics Collaboration: A partnership between global genomics company, Illumina, and the University of Melbourne. The Advanced Genomics Collaboration is committed to accelerating the translation of biomedical research, advancing precision cancer care procedures, and increasing access to cutting-edge genomic testing and treatment options for those who need it most.

What you’ll see

  • View samples of genetic kits that are used to identify genes involved in IRDs
  • Watch a video about how gene therapy works
  • Learn more about the subgroups of IRDs and their prevalence in Australia, as well as the phenotypic profile of Bietti Crystalline Dystrophy in Australian patients
  • Meet members of The Advanced Genomics Collaboration and learn more about how you can collaborate with its projects and platforms.

Talk to us about

  • How do we identify people who might be suitable for upcoming IRD clinical trials?
  • What is the natural history of IRDs?
  • How does genetic testing work?
  • What is the aim of gene therapy?
  • What are the emerging gene therapies?
  • How can we find people with these rare IRDs?
  • Are there any approved gene therapies available in Australia?
  • What are the steps to commercialising emerging technologies such as gene therapy?
  • The Advanced Genomics Collaboration Innovation Projects, including the CERA-led Ocular Genomics Hub
  • The Advanced Genomics Collaboration’s capabilities and core enabling platforms in clinical genomics, bioinformatics, and health economics
  • Working with The Advanced Genomics Collaboration’s platforms and projects
  • The Illumina Innovation Collective – a lab accelerating the adoption of genomics in Australia.