Lions Eye Donation Service

Donor family and recipient stories

Here are some of the stories of how corneal transplants have changed the lives of their recipients and families whose loved ones have donated corneas.

From grateful corneal transplant recipients

“I am not a young person but I love to read and sometimes play a little golf. I also want to see my ever-expanding family of little ones, grow up. I shall cherish my gift and look after it with care and think of my donor each day I see the sun rise.”

An 81-year old recipient

“I in turn have registered to be a donor and have been instrumental in encouraging others close to me to do the same. How good it is to know that we can make such a significant gift to others.”

A 72-year old recipient

“The transplant has had a huge impact on my life already. I know that my ability to work will be that much better because of the gift that your family member has given me.”

A 25-year old recipient

“Having this operation meant a lot to me. I want to thank you for donating this cornea and I can’t explain how grateful I am.”

A 14-year old recipient

From the families of our generous donors

“Thank you for your letter informing my family and I that two people have had their sight restored, thanks to the corneal donation of my wife. We are all thrilled and delighted that this has occurred.”

The husband of a donor

“We are particularly pleased that you have found suitable recipients for the corneal transplants and that the surgery has been successful in each case. It is good to know that some good can come out of the sadness and distress of the loss of a dearly loved mother of three teenage children, and of course of our eldest daughter.”

The father of a donor

“Congratulations on a wonderful service. Please feel free to let (the recipient) know how much we appreciated his letter and how grateful we are that our son has helped such a fine person.”

The father of a donor

“I was so pleased to hear from you that two people have been helped and that their sight has been restored. I had no hesitation in giving my permission for the corneal donation and feel my dear sister would have approved too.”

The sister of a donor

“My husband would be so proud to think his gift could make such a wonderful difference to (the recipients) lives and I feel comforted that part of him lives on.”

The wife of a donor

“I donated my mothers’ eyes because she always said, “my eyes are better than a blind man’s”, and the major changes it has made to (the recipient’s) life proves she was right.”

The daughter of a donor