Dr Raymond CB Wong

Head of Cellular Reprogramming

Dr Raymond Wong is a stem cell biologist and leads CERA’s cellular reprogramming research.

Dr Raymond CB Wong

Head of Cellular Reprogramming

B.Biomed Sci (Hons), PhD

Dr Raymond Wong is a Principal Investigator at CERA, the University of Melbourne and a Guest Professor at Shenzhen Eye Hospital in China.

He is a stem cell biologist with 17 years of research experience, specialising in cellular reprogramming, pluripotent stem cells and neural/retinal differentiation.

He completed his PhD in stem cell biology at Monash University and was awarded a California Institute of Regenerative Medicine Fellowship to pursue overseas postdoctoral training in University of California Irvine (USA), and a Visiting Fellow Award to train in National Institutes of Health (USA).

In 2013, Dr Wong joined CERA with the support of a Cranborne Foundation Fellowship and subsequently established the Cellular Reprogramming Unit with the support of a MAWA Fellowship and a NHMRC New Investigator Project Grant.

Currently, Dr Wong’s research focuses on understanding the genetic signals that define retinal cells, and using cell reprogramming and stem cell technologies to study and treat retinal diseases.

Key research questions
  • How do we generate human retinal cells in the lab using stem cell technologies?
  • Can we regenerate the retina to treat blindness caused by retinal degenerative diseases?
  • Can we use new gene editing technology to develop gene therapy for inherited retinal diseases?
  • What are the signals that support retinal cells for healthy vision?

Current projects

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Funding and support

Current projects

  • Using cell reprogramming to develop therapy to regenerate retinal cells
  • Understanding the genetic signals that define retinal cell identity
  • Develop new cell reprogramming methods and new biomaterials to generate human stem cells and neural/retinal cells
  • Using stem cells to generate disease model to better understand eye diseases
  • Develop new genetic correction technologies to treat inherited retinal diseases

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