Associate Professor Guei-Sheung (Rick) Liu

Principal Investigator, Head of Genetic Engineering Research

Associate Professor Guei-Sheung (Rick) Liu investigates ways advanced gene technology can improve the treatment of eye diseases that cause blindness.

Associate Professor Guei-Sheung (Rick) Liu

Principal Investigator, Head of Genetic Engineering Research

BMedSci, PhD

Associate Professor Guei-Sheung (Rick) Liu is a Principal Investigator and leads the genetic engineering research unit at the Centre for Eye Research Australia.

He received his PhD in biochemistry from Kaohsiung Medical University and was a postdoc at the O’Brien Institute and Centre for Eye Research Australia and University of Melbourne.

A/Prof Liu has significant expertise in gene technologies with over 80 publications and continuous funding from the NHMRC and other agencies since 2012.

Over the last 5 years, his research has specifically delved into the fields of gene editing and regulable gene delivery, with a focus to refine these applications to clear the current hurdles impeding clinical translation for ocular gene therapy.

A/Prof Liu serves on the editorial board of PLoS One, Journal of Gene Medicine and Frontiers in Pharmacology. He also holds the appointment as an adjunct Investigator at the Taipei Medical University (Bioengineering) and Senior Fellow (Ophthalmology) at the University of Melbourne.

Key research questions
  • Can emerging gene technology such as gene editing be used to treat eye diseases?
  • Can we customise gene therapy to achieve safe and effective treatments to prevent vision loss?
  • Can nanocarrier improve the efficacy of the drug and gene delivery in the eye?

Current projects

Selected publications

My team

Key collaborators

Funding and support

Current projects

Switchable gene therapy for controlled intervention in neovascular blindness

This project aims to develop an eye drop based-tunable gene therapy for long-term and tailored managing neovascular eye diseases.

CRISPR gene editing to treat eye diseases

This project aims to use the latest gene editing technologies to develop novel gene therapies for neovascular eye diseases and inherited retinal diseases.

Nanoparticle-based technologies for ocular gene therapy

The collaborative project aims to use nanoparticle technology to improve the effectiveness and specificity of mRNA-based gene therapy in the treatment of eye diseases.

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