Science and Research

Genetic engineering research

CERA scientists are investigating ways advanced gene technology can improve the treatment of eye diseases that cause blindness.


New treatment using advanced gene technology shows great promise in the treatment of eye disease and blindness.

CERA's genetic engineering research team is working on the latest gene technology with an aim to develop new therapeutics to treat incurable inherited retinal diseases and chronic eye conditions.

Our research hopes to transform these advanced gene technologies to clear hurdles affecting the current clinical treatments of these diseases and create safe and effective therapeutics for clinical ophthalmic care.

Our team also applies advanced gene technologies to better understand molecular changes in eye disease. These insights are then used to develop novel gene therapy.

Novel gene therapy may help us transform how we care for eye diseases.

Why this research is important

The latest advances in gene technology have revolutionised the clinical management of human diseases, and ophthalmology is at the forefront.

CERA’s unique clinical research environment enables our team to translate these advanced genetic technologies into clinical practice to develop better treatment strategies for eye diseases, which will have an enormous impact on ophthalmic care for patients with vision impairment and blindness.

Key research questions

  • Can emerging gene technology such as gene editing be used to treat eye diseases?
  • Can we customise gene therapy to achieve safe and effective treatments to prevent vision loss?