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Macular Research

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Lead Researcher: Professor Robyn Guymer

CERA’s Macular Research aims to improve understanding of the disease processes and treatment options for age-related macular degeneration (AMD). In particular, our research focuses on determining risk factors for progression from early AMD to advanced, the genetics of AMD; environmental associations with AMD, and biomarkers of AMD. The unit also carries out a wide range of clinical trials into new treatments for retinal disease, and is the lead clinical research partner in the Bionic Vision Technologies project.

Current Research

Clinical Trials (currently recruiting)

International studies with a CERA study site (not recruiting)

Publications 2012-2017

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The Centre for Eye Research Australia invites you to join our clinical trial registry web sight.

Web Sight is a registry of persons with eye diseases or normal control subjects who are interested in participating in clinical trials.

We ask registrants to complete details about their eye disease, vision, eye care professional and provide us with copies of imaging if available. The more details provided by the registrant, the more likely we are to be able to determine suitability for any current or upcoming clinical trials.


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