See the future: Annual Review 2022

This year CERA’s Annual Review opens a window to the future showing how research leads to new treatments.


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In this year’s message to our supporters, CERA Managing Director Professor Keith Martin and Chair Olivia Hilton share that rapid developments in research are transforming how eye disease is diagnosed and treated.

“Telehealth and artificial intelligence are showing real potential to increase access to eye care and prevent blindness.

“Genomics, powerful new imaging technologies and the utilisation of big data mean that causes of blindness, once considered to be a mystery, are now closer to being understood.

“Accelerating progress in gene and cell therapies is providing new hope of treatments for eye diseases that until very recently were considered incurable.”

The combined impact of all this progress, and how they’re leading us to new treatments for vision loss and blindness, is on show in See the future: Annual Review 2022.

Our research impact

Some of our achievements from 2022 include:

  • Publishing two major studies identifying hundreds of new gene variants associated with glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration
  • Launching a new joint research strategy with the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital, Innovation for Exceptional Care, to give patients access to cutting-edge treatments
  • Establishing Mirugen, our newest start-up company aiming to use gene therapies to ‘switch on sight’ by restoring photoreceptors at the back of the eye
  • Celebrating 25 years of achievements in our Macular Research Unit.


Learn about the innovative research we undertook in 2022, ranging from the future of gene therapy to how we’re improving access to clinical trials. You’ll also meet some of the people benefiting from new treatments and discover why our research is so important to them.

You can read Professor Martin and Ms Hilton’s full message to supporters and all about our research in See the future: Annual Review 2022.

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