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Studying at CERA

CERA contributes to developing the next generation of researchers through supervising students in Masters, Doctorate and PhD programs at the University of Melbourne.

Why study at CERA?

CERA contributes to developing the next generation of innovators in eye research through supervising and mentoring students in Masters, Doctorate and PhD programs at the University of Melbourne.

We are the top institute for vision research in Australia, and together with the University of Melbourne rank in the top 4 for academic output in ophthalmology.

Students at CERA have the opportunity to be supervised by Principal Investigators and senior researchers who are world-leaders in vision research – and to work on projects that make a difference to patient care with leading clinician-scientists.

They also have the opportunity to be part of a supportive, collegiate student group located around the University of Melbourne’s Eastern Hill campus.

Current opportunities for students

For detailed information about programs, entry requirements, how to apply, scholarships and resources, please refer to the University of Melbourne’s Department of Ophthalmology.

For more information about studying at CERA contact cera-education@unimelb.edu.au

Current student positions

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Express interest

If you are interested in a student program at CERA, please get in touch by sending us your details and CV.

Meet our students

Here are a few of our talented students contributing to CERA’s world-class research.

Daniel Urrutia Cabrera

PhD student

“I am a PhD student from the Cellular Reprogramming Unit, supervised by Dr Raymond Wong.

“My research aims to reprogram retinal cells into becoming new photoreceptors, with the purpose of developing a novel regenerative treatment to restore vision.

“I love doing research. I hope that my PhD at CERA gives me the experience and collaborations that would allow me to someday become a Principal Investigator.

“Although CERA is a small institute – in regard to the number of employees – it is big considering the quality and impact of its research.

“There are opportunities for everybody at CERA and an exceptional collaborative environment; I think it is a great place to grow professionally.”

Janan Arslan

PhD student

“I’m a multi-disciplinary scientist, specialising in artificial intelligence, mathematics, statistics and bioinformatics.

“Along with my PhD candidature at CERA, I’m presently working as a Research Fellow and Statistical Consultant at Western Health and I’m also the Chair of the Early Career & Student Statisticians Network at the Statistical Society of Australia (SSA).

“My PhD is using AI to create a completely automated software that replaces current semi-automated and human-run diagnostic processes for geographic atrophy, an advanced form of age-related macular degeneration.

“I’m also developing statistical models that predict disease progression over time.

“My favourite thing about research at CERA is knowing my work can directly impact and improve patients’ lives.”